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Your guide to a better futureAmazon has great Black Friday deals, but not for these items that are cheaper or only available at Walmart.Peter ButlerWriterPeter is a writer and editor for the CNET How-To team. He has been covering technology, software, finance, sports and video games since working for @Home Network and Excite in the […]

Your guide to a better future
Amazon has great Black Friday deals, but not for these items that are cheaper or only available at Walmart.
Peter Butler
Peter is a writer and editor for the CNET How-To team. He has been covering technology, software, finance, sports and video games since working for @Home Network and Excite in the 1990s. Peter managed reviews and listings for during the 2000s, and is passionate about software and no-nonsense advice for creators, consumers and investors.
Black Friday means the start of holiday price wars between online retailers. As prices jump back and forth, savvy shoppers can pinpoint online deals that save big money during the holiday gift season, but it’s even better when someone does the work for you.
We’ve combed through Walmart’s Deals for Days offers, looking for the best bargains and products that aren’t available on Amazon, as well as discounts and deals that seem to be currently exclusive to Walmart. Prices and product availability are in flux, but these are some of the best Walmart deals you can find right now.
You can grab a 70-inch TV with 4K UHD and Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 for under $500, well under in fact. The set includes three 3 HDMI 2.1 ports, built-in Apple AirPlay and Chromecast, and support for Apple Home and Google Assistant. The cheapest Vizio 70-inch smart TV at Amazon right now costs $798, and the same model (V705x-J03) starts at $816.
These pocket-sized portable earbuds pack a mighty punch in a compact package — JLab says these have the smallest fit ever. The earbuds give you 32 total hours of playing time — 8 from the earbuds themselves and 24 from the charging case. A built-in microphone makes it easy to communicate clearly on phone calls. Amazon is currently selling the same earbuds for 50% more at $15.
Sure, you can get a Nintendo Switch at both Walmart and Amazon for $299 right now, but only Walmart currently offers a bundle that includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and three free months of Nintendo Online at no additional cost. As one of the flagship, all-ages games of the Switch platform, Mario Kart 8 remains a must for casual party gaming. 
The original version of the AeroPress portable coffee maker will get you one to three cups of coffee in about a minute, anywhere you go. It’s phthalate- and BPA-free and it can make both espresso and regular coffee with no grit. A zippered nylon tote bag lets you make coffee on road trips, business travel or camp outs, and it’s $10 cheaper at Walmart right now.
Stream your video content to any compatible device using Chromecast with Google TV. As long as you’ve got Wi-Fi, a TV with an HDMI port and a Google account, you can easily make your regular TV work like a smart one. The powerful streaming accessory is only $18 at Walmart right now, compared to $40 at Amazon.
This high-definition smart TV from Onn will have you up and binge-watching your favorite HD movies and shows in no time. (Despite its name, the actual diagonal is 49.5 inches.) Built-in Roku features let you easily add services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu and Peacock. Best of all, it’s selling right now for $148 at Walmart.
This Kinetic Sand playset combines the fun of Dig It Up dinosaur eggs with the infinitely unique terrain of kinetic sand. Amid the pound and a half of sand, there are bones of three dinosaurs for youngsters to discover and put together. 
The sealable container has a handle that’s easy for young hands to grip and includes a toy rake and knife to help kids create endless landscapes for the assembled dinosaurs to rampage through. The Kinetic Sand Dino Xplorer Set is currently $20 at Walmart and not available at Amazon.
You can find plenty of Google Nest Mini holders at Amazon, but good luck locating one of the actual devices. Walmart has a great deal on the entry-level smart speaker from Google. Play your music anywhere, or ask Google whatever questions spring to mind. Walmart’s usual price of $50 has been knocked down to $18 for Black Friday.
Read our Google Nest Mini review.
Admit it. You’ve always wanted to know what the Rainbow High girls — Ruby Anderson, Sunny Madison, Jade Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw, Violet Willow — were like before they met in high school. This exclusive five-doll set shows the girls as junior high students, and it’s only available at Walmart.
During a cold winter, it’s hard to beat the heat from an electrical pick-me-up. A soft fabric shell holds three heated panels that will keep you warm whether you’re walking the dog, shoveling snow or hiking through a winter wonderland. A detachable hood helps for windy days, and the detachable battery pack will provide about 10 hours of heating. The men’s jacket kit is almost 50% off at Walmart during Black Friday sales, which is about 30% cheaper than Amazon’s current price.
This killer Hot Wheels set uses mechanical arms to push cars up and around a volcano, while launching another car to free them all from lava danger. The tracks can be connected to other Hot Wheels sets, and it comes with one flaming Hot Wheels car. This Hot Wheels Volcano Escape set is out of stock at Amazon right now.
Yankee Candles provide a countless array of fragrances, and these large, 22-ounce candles can burn for up to 150 hours. You’ll get a much better deal on them at Walmart right now, as large sizes of many scents — including Christmas Cookie, Balsam & Cedar, Sparkling Cinnamon and Cranberry Chutney — are selling for $17 right now, compared with $24 and up at Amazon.
With the Keurig K-Duo, you don’t have to choose between K-Cups or drip coffee — it makes both easily. This entry-level model of the K-Duo is currently out of stock at Amazon, and a similar model is $20 more.