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DataDrivenInvestorJul 19SaveYou have a great-looking e-commerce online store on Etsy, Shopify, Amazon or any other platform of your choice. But keep wondering how to get more sales without a high spend ad budget like Big Brands.What if you can manage it with a product that enables you to get quality free traffic and you know […]

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You have a great-looking e-commerce online store on Etsy, Shopify, Amazon or any other platform of your choice. But keep wondering how to get more sales without a high spend ad budget like Big Brands.
What if you can manage it with a product that enables you to get quality free traffic and you know how difficult it is to rank keywords on Google.
You are busy with creating your products or dealing with suppliers so feel short of time to look into the sales process.
Pinterest is a go-to platform for quality traffic. Those of you who have searched on it know how cool it is to search on Pinterest, than on Instagram, which is more stressful and the tracking and analytics on Pinterest are also quite intuitive. A Pinterest business account is free and a must-have for any eCommerce store.
Pinterest has 450 million visitors every month who are potential buyers as well. 450 million people are using Pinterest for inspiration. Pinterest users find inspiration on what to wear, what to cook, ways to style their homes, and so much more.
Pinterest is Great for Finding Ideas
85% of Pinterest users visit the platform when starting a new project.Nine out of ten descibe it as filled with positivity. Two third of its users (65%) use the platform to find products, ideas and services they can trust.
Pinterest Use By Country
United States by far has the highest number of Pinterest Users. There are 42.8% Pinterest desktop users in US compared to 8.35% in Brazil, 3.82% in India, 2.57% in China, 2.07% in Argentina.
97% of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded.
Your Store’s Profits
Now lets say you have a product with $5 margin and you have 10 such different products in your store and you get 3–10 customers each day.
$5 x 10 x 30 = $1500 /month if you get 1 customer daily
$5 x 10 x 30 = $4500 /month if you get 3 customer daily
You may have a $ 25 margin product and to get $200 dollars per day you need 8 customers which is completely doable on Pinterest.
What happens is when someone sees 2K,3K followers on your account they like to follow it- but when they see 100–300,400 followers they like to avoid following.
Your Account Followers
It takes for first
1000 followers app 5–6 months
1000-10000 followers app 4 months
10000–1,00,000 followers app 3 months
and thats when magic takes place.
What if this time frame gets reduced by 75%. That is you only take 25% of the time to reach those number of followers with a Pinterest marketing product that will make it easier for you.
Are you curious to know some of the most profitable niches with low competition?
It will be useful for both new as well as experienced owners of e-commerce businesses.
Here is the list of most profitable niches with low competition in 2022
1. Solar energy products
2. Eco-friendly products
3. Home office equipment
4. Pet products
5. Sports equipment
6. Indoor sports
7. LED lights
8. Health and beauty
9. Bluetooth gadgets
10. Bathroom accessories
11. Kitchen accessories
12. Smart home devices
13. Car parts/accessories
14. Gaming accessories
15. Travel accessories
16. Kids and baby goods
Niche selection is an important and challenging part of the E-commerce journey. Hope this list will make the task easier and more enjoyable for you.
Those who make more than $10K monthly with E-Com, all agree that on social media consistency brings results. And consistency develops automatically with genuine interest and patience. When people find something good in your store they like to come to it first for another product then search on Google or Amazon.
Here’s How to do it?
Funnel traffic into more leads, add-to-carts, checkouts and sales.
Click here to get the Pinterest marketing product that will help you do it easily. It's $67 for an annual subscription upto 8 accounts and $17 for monthly subscription for one account.
This is a direct link to the product developer. Avoid third-party sites which link to the product as it is a cloud-computing based product.
As with many social media apps, Pinterest gained significant users in 2020. People locked up in their homes needed something to do and many chose to spend time viewing and pinning images and videos on Pinterest.
Pinterest is a Visual Discovery Engine
The rise of visual search has made Pinterest the favorite platform for people who would rather search for images. 93% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product if they can easily search for it with an image search function on mobile.
Top 6 Pinterest most searched categories :
Pinterest is a Huge Part of Millenials Buyer Journey
86% of the millenials use Pinterest to plan their big and small moments in life. 63% have also used it to discover new products to buy.
Holiday planning starts as early as nine months ahead of time.
Seasonality is important on Pinterest. according to Pinterest data, pins with content “specific to seasonal life and everyday moments” drive 10% higher aided awareness and 25% higher online sales.
Pinterest’s 70% of users are Women
Pinterest data shows that 70% of regular users on Pinterest are women “the decision makers” who decide on food, drinks, style, and beauty purchases. That means their Pins and Boards carry a real impact on household decisions. Men are also using Pinterest now and 50% of new signups are men. The average household income on Pinterest is $100K and the average order value is $50.
Look at how Amy Vener, Pinterest’s Retail Vertical Strategy Lead, describes the service.
The fundamental core of what pinners are doing is not to connect with people it's to connect with brands (like your store on Etsy,Shopify, Amazon) that inspire them and to do things in real life.
Pinterest Puts the “consume” in “Consumer”
Vener’s new description of the service isn’t just meaningless marketing fluff built around a rebrand: the numbers back up what she is saying
According to a survey of Pinterest users and their data :
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