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WORKING just a few hours a day can net thousands of dollars, according to an online influencer.MaddyGlynn_ is known to her 85,000 followers as a master of all things side hustle or extra income related and she explained how adding products to your store is the main ingredient.Maddy recently posted a video sharing how she […]

WORKING just a few hours a day can net thousands of dollars, according to an online influencer.
MaddyGlynn_ is known to her 85,000 followers as a master of all things side hustle or extra income related and she explained how adding products to your store is the main ingredient.
Maddy recently posted a video sharing how she works just two hours a day from her laptop at home to make a whopping $2,227 – and it’s a side hustle that she said “literally anyone can do.”
Maddy said on her channel that many people are leaving their nine to five jobs to instead pursue an online business or boutique, and that’s exactly how she is able to make this kind of money for just two hours work a day.
The steps Maddy outlined are relatively simple.
Find a product to sell, launch your online store and then start seeing a consistent profit come in.
Maddy said previously that in 12 weeks of doing this gig, you can make a consistent $10,000 a month and in 20 weeks you will have made more than $100,000 and be fully prepared to leave your full time job.
So what exactly is it that Maddy does?
It’s called dropshipping.
Dropshipping is an online store model where the seller doesn’t keep inventory on hand.
Instead, they purchase items from a third party wholesaler or manufacturer.
This means you still get the profit and financial benefit of owning an online store without many of the upfront costs and stresses that manufacturing and shipping entails.
Essentially, dropshipping enables you to become an online seller without any of the expenses of buying your inventory upfront.
There’s less risk involved because you don’t have to buy the product until a customer has already ordered it themselves.
You also get to predominantly work from your laptop at home, and you can constantly add items to your portfolio without paying more to sell them.
While the overhead costs to begin a dropshipping online store are significantly lower, there are still some necessary steps to truly make money from this endeavor.
First of all, you need to establish an online presence that will actively bring in customers to whatever products you’re selling.
The better you are at marketing, the higher your returns will be profit-wise.
It’s key to engage in effective search engine optimization, using keywords that shoppers will actually use when looking for a product like yours.
You can also consider using ads on social media sites like Google or Facebook, but this will require some additional upfront costs.
Make sure you price your products well. 
The cost for a customer should be low enough that they aren’t put off by the purchase but significantly higher than what you pay for the product, turning a high profit.
It’s also helpful to establish a particular niche of products you offer to clients. Not only will you build up an expertise in that area, but shoppers will remember your name and consistently come back to you, driving up additional sales.
Choosing a high quality supplier is also paramount.
There are reliable companies like Amazon that will handle all of your manufacturer dropshipping needs so you don’t have to lift a finger besides promoting and selling your products online, but the percentage they charge varies.
Amazon charges a 10 to 15 percent fee, while sites like SaleHoo charge $67 per year. Some platforms, like Spocket, are free of charge.
Remember that all of the income you make from a side hustle still needs to be reported to the IRS. Otherwise, you risk being audited carrying hefty fines.
Americans are increasingly turning to side gigs as inflation remains at a steady high and economic uncertainty continues post-pandemic.
But operating an online business is not your only option if you want some extra spending money.
For instance, you can make $500 a day with a minimal amount of work – just by transcribing some audio.
Additionally, by working in general contracting, you’ll have the potential to earn $2,500 for just 30 minutes of work.
Or, if you enjoy writing, freelancing as a copywriter can provide up to $34,000 a month for just a few hours each week.
One man shared with The U.S. Sun how he made $10,000 in two months just by flipping furniture.
Also, see how two friends went from working a minimum wage job to making $350,000 at age 23.
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