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OrderMyGear (OMG), the leading online store platform for selling custom branded merchandise to groups, today announced the acquisition of BrightStores, a leading provider of online company stores for promotional product distributors.DALLAS, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — OrderMyGear (OMG), the leading online store platform for selling custom branded merchandise to groups, today announced the acquisition of […]

OrderMyGear (OMG), the leading online store platform for selling custom branded merchandise to groups, today announced the acquisition of BrightStores, a leading provider of online company stores for promotional product distributors.
DALLAS, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — OrderMyGear (OMG), the leading online store platform for selling custom branded merchandise to groups, today announced the acquisition of BrightStores, a leading provider of online company stores for promotional product distributors.
The partnership brings together two market leading technology platforms in the team sporting goods and promotional products spaces. Together, the combined solutions will provide best-in-class technology designed specifically to meet the needs of promotional product distributors, apparel decorators, and team dealers as they grow their business online.
The addition of BrightStores enables OMG to offer a fully configurable, feature rich online store solution to support complex, long-term use cases alongside OMG's widely adopted online pop-up stores. With the combined expertise of OMG and BrightStores, businesses that sell custom branded merchandise and apparel to groups will have more opportunities to support a wide range of customer programs with a single platform and partner. Clients will continue to leverage the online store solutions they use to serve customers today while also gaining access to additional online store capabilities to help them unlock new revenue opportunities.
"Kent McKeaigg founded OMG in 2007 with a vision to create a simple way for team dealers to sell to groups online. Dan Halama founded BrightStores more than 20 years ago with a similar vision for promotional product distributors. Both founders recognized the market was evolving and sales channels of the past wouldn't scale," said Leonid Rozkin, CEO of OMG. "OMG and BrightStores have a shared vision to be the best online store provider in the market, and our complementary solutions and expertise allow us to do exactly that. The market continues to evolve, so we're excited to help clients stay ahead of the game and grow their business online."
Founded in 1999, BrightStores has focused exclusively on building technology for promotional product distributors, developing the most complete company store solution and deep industry expertise.
"We are thrilled to join forces with a like-minded organization that shares our passion for partnering with clients to grow their business. This partnership will continue to push the branded merchandise space forward," said Dan Halama, CEO of BrightStores. "Our collective expertise is unmatched. With OMG's history and leadership team, we will have more resources to innovate and serve our clients. We'll be able to introduce more online sales strategies and use cases. This is exciting for the industry, our clients, and our team."
About BrightStores
BrightStores was founded in 1999 with a mission to provide distributors with company store technology that accurately reflects the unique ordering process only found in the promotional products industry. Over the past 20 years, BrightStores has consistently delivered the most flexible, scalable, and feature rich company stores available. Today, BrightStores is recognized as company store experts and a leader in company store technology, supporting the industry's largest distributors and running over 10,000 stores for the world's most recognized brands. Learn more at http://www.brightstores.com.
About OrderMyGear
OrderMyGear (OMG) is an industry-leading sales tool, empowering distributors, decorators, and dealers to create sleek, retail-like online stores for every customer – big or small. Since 2008, OMG has been on a mission to simplify the process of selling branded products and apparel to groups and improve the ordering experience. With easy-to-use tools and unmatched support, the OMG platform powers online stores for over 3,500 clients generating more than $2 billion in online sales. Learn more at http://www.ordermygear.com.
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Mykayla Goodwin, OrderMyGear, 2149454000, marketing@ordermygear.com
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