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Summer Sale promotion comes to PlayStation Store – PlayStation

Discounts on a huge range of games for a limited time.  The Summer Sale promotion comes to PlayStation Store on July 20. For a limited time*, enjoy the very best of PlayStation Store for less, as games – from blockbusters to indies – add-ons and more are discounted. Check out the full list of titles included […]

Discounts on a huge range of games for a limited time. 
The Summer Sale promotion comes to PlayStation Store on July 20. For a limited time*, enjoy the very best of PlayStation Store for less, as games – from blockbusters to indies – add-ons and more are discounted. 
Check out the full list of titles included in the promotion below, then head to PlayStation Store to find out your regional discount. And make sure to check back on Wednesday, August 3, as new titles are added to the promotion. 
Check out the full list of titles included in the promotion below, then head to PlayStation Store to find out your regional discount. And make sure to check back on Wednesday, August 3, as new titles are added to the promotion. 
*PlayStation Store Summer Sale Promotion starts Wednesday July 20 at 00.00am [local time] and ends Wednesday August 17 at 11.59pm [local time]. Certain games will leave the promotion early, so please check a game’s PlayStation Store page for their individual end date. 

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What’s everyone getting?
Looks like a good selection. Hopefully the prices are just as nice!
I don’t know. It feels like ever since Sony banned the sale of digital codes to third party retailers that the price of games and sales in general have sucked. I guess that is what happens when you’re locked into the playstation ecosystem and they essentially have a monopoly on the digital marketplace.
Hoping Sifu gets a good discount. Is is first time on sale digitally?
Aside from a preorder discount for the deluxe version before it came out, yeah. First time Sifu has had a digital sale.
Depending on the prices, there’s quite a few things on this list that I’ve been keeping an eye on and might get.
That said..
For the love of everything, PLEASE would it be that difficult to list the DLCs that are on sale underneath the game titles? As a sublist? There’s soooo many things listed on these blog posts about sales that include things like “Costume Set – Beachside Puppies” or “DLC2: Aquarium Pack”. No one has a clue what games these DLCs are for unless they go to the trouble of copying and searching the store for them, when they could have just been presented under the game they belong to.
Got a laugh out of seeing Judgment listed under its Japanese name, JUDGE EYES: wills of death New Price Edition.
Honestly, just trying to leave some helpful feedback so more people can learn and see what’s going to be on sale. Looking forward to hopefully getting quite a few things listed with this sale.
Sifu! Been on my wish list FOREVER.
So Square Enix can’t or won’t fix the FF7R Intergrate ps5 issue for people who claimed it on ps4 through ps+ last year but the Intergrade DLC goes on sale tomorrow, how Sway?
As always, a miles long list with zero context. What good does this serve? Are there no efforts being made to improve this?
That said, I was thinking of getting new washcloths and apparently PlayStation will have “Bath Towels Complete Set” on sale tomorrow. Talk about coincidence…
Sadly, no miles morales ultimate edition
Still no discount on horizon 2?
It’s selling too well. Same with Elden Ring.
I don’t think it’s just that it’s selling too well (how do you explain Returnal in that case?). They seem to have been going the Nintendo way this generation, keeping the games full price for extended periods of time. The only physical game I’ve seen on sale here regularly is Sackboy, even Demon’s Souls is still full price…
I got Reverie for my Vita. It would be nice if you started doing sales on Vita games again, instead of just PS4 games with crossbuy.
Hey, you know what is on sale? Sifu! You know how I know? Because the PlayStation App on my phone is notifying me literally every hour on the hour that a game on my wishlist is on sale. I might buy it just to stop the notifications! Lol!
I appreciate all the savings, but I don’t need constant notifications from the PlayStation app telling me that items on my wish list are on sale. It started this morning around 4 AM and I’ve been getting them since then.
PSVita and PS3 games sales please.
At least have one sale for this consoles a year.
Im done with buying games, iam ps plus gamer, i rather not buy anymore then being dissapointed, each month for 2 years im happy with ps plus extra/games , greatness awaits at least six more years! Thanks for GREATNESS byeeeee….
You keep saying you are done buying games, so why come to anything other than plus rental updates? well?
Don’t you have some of the throwaway platinums to work on or the endless list of b-d tier games on your list.
Plus has had discounts and games for over a decade, it’s easy to fade getting milked 29/30 times. Your commentary is nonsensical. By all means don’t buy Ubisoft games oh wait you are obsessed with those based on your trophies.
this is a lousy sale anyways a few ok options and an endless garbage can to scroll through for 20 mins.
You got a huge list of new stuff on extra from yesterday on base ps4 you are riding with, why not go play those instead of being on the blog swinging from sycophantic praise to mindless vitriol minutes apart on the different blig posts.
maybe finish up some of your 2 hour push x plat games and polish up some more lego titles for your trophy credentials. Play Beyond.
No Slaps and Beans sale, cmon?!?
John Earwig
A sale but I dont see Stray on this list. Come on Sony….
Well, ill hold my money until it comes August 3rd….
Why would they put stray on sale it just came out and it’s on extra and prem, just buy a month if you are desperate and don’t want to pay its asking.
These games either have s preorder or plus discount (or both together) or they have nothing. Why would they discount this when it’s on extra. in 3-12 months ut will march down to half price anyways from the saturation on plus.
Also the physical edition is more expensive than digital for a 4 hour game then trophies this is a good rental for what it is.
Got ‘Em !
You thought I was an entitled little brat, shame on you ….. hehehe
Picked up Cloudpunk. The Ascent looks ok too. Kena is appealing at that price but I’m going to wait it out a little longer. Getting Sifu later as well.
kena is all presentation
Not a good sale, endless scrolling through chaff gets old. Instead of allowing anything to glam on with no theme you should go back to making themes here.
Its all the same prices over and over and over and over and over as well trying to trick us.
Tekken Originals ed, 85% off first time it hits this price but i want the definitive / complete ed still fading that 85%
i had it at launch and platinumed, however no pc cross play where my brother has it means it has to be 85% for me or a pass games 7 years old for christ sake.
panzer dragoon a mixed remake at 90% off is compelling for panzer fans but the game is a bit rough for me.
Theres a few other modest deals, same 40% off diablo skus still refusing to drop.
You need marquee stuff, themes, or a super cheap sale / publisher sales.
I hate to say this but as awful as nintendos eshop is full of shovel ware these days s lot of their sales are easier to parse and prices there are better in general.
I bought tmnt shredders revenge for 10% off no plus discount requirements cheaper base price, got coins ($) back and used coins($) to drop it, got it for a lot less and many if these indie titles are all cheaper on there.
I appreciate the regularity of psn sales, but the sales are a hassle to wade through and not a lot of compelling stuff. i’m not even asking for crazy discounts, but 10-30% wastes everyone’s time for old mediocre games. There are exceptions and every one has their game collections, but even there alot of the good deals are endlessly re offered for the exact same “deals” ubisoft etc.
Tekken originals maybe hit that one other time, they know full well. The peacemaking with all games gets frustrating when you wait for years to buy complete games or buy games.
The cases where you don’t buy the complete aka the shell game you get punished because you can never complete the game and the dlc bs sits in the in game menus, which is toxic in the case of games targeting children.
I regret buying trials over this for my son, and for hotwheels unleashed an actual credible game on sale we would have to sell our base ps5 copy to justify it, and the “complete” version still doesn’t include all the dlcs.
All of this puts me off buying this stuff and these tactics and i mistrust these companies.
Ubisoft in the last 10 years has gone from respect to derision. My ac creed odyssey gold edition still gates the experience and money pack behind mtx that don’t evenly divide.
it’s the last ac game i buy from them despite liking the weekend trial enough to buy it on sale back then.
If you allowed people to get refunds with restrictions we would be more likely to give a lot of these unknown games a chance.
no user ratings / reviews / metacritic like steam is poor
As is the final sale full price up front preorders. I just won’t ever preorder on psn, unless there is an incentive it’s digital only and i do it right before it goes live.
A lot of people would spend more on here, but there should be more though applied to this. Your psn sales vector should matter more than it looks. Another bologna slice on the wall sale with 200+ garb items to scroll past.
Absolutely a fan, absolutely buy games, but i’d rather buy physical than these “deals”.
This is a prime reminder why digital ps5 puts you at the mercy.
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